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Heather Mills Gets Political with a Respect Life T-Shirt

Heather Mills

Vegetarian Heather Mills at the Viva Anti-Farrowing Crate in the Pig Farming Industry event. Sporting a piggy Respect Life shirt. You see a lot of Heather Mills promoting political causes, but you’ll soon see more of her trying to dance with one left on Dancing With the Stars. I’m thinking there are some good parody shirts to come out of that.

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Corrupt Fibers Lives up to its Name – In a Good Way

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Started by a couple self-proclaimed ‘poor college students’, Corrupt Fibers is filled with just that. Utterly funny t-shirt corruption. From the mildly offensive to the downright vulgar, true college t-shirt fans can’t help but find something they will dig.

A few notable favorites – a great take on the traditional shocker t-shirts. The six way shocker. And a timely response to the Aquateen bomb scare – the Moonitite Up Yours Boston. Boob humor is never a bad thing, and the micortype “While you’re reading this, I’m staring at your tits” is a classic that must be worn out to the mall. There’s some subtle stuff too, but not without the sex undertones, like the simple (8.31) squared. That’s one of those funny ones that just annoy some people because they can’t figure it out. The best kind of tee if you ask us.

One site feature we see more and more of these days are user submitted picts. It’s great advertising and fulfills the voyeur in everyone. You can submit your own picts sporting a Corrupt Fibers t-shirt and win a cool 100 bucks – and a shirt of your choice. Good deal. Good stuff. Check em out.

Moonitie tee

Shocker t-shirt

300 Inspired Sparta Athletic Dept Tee

Sparta Tee

Movies are always a good source of inspiration for shirt design. Especially topically relevant stuff if can catch the popularity craze early on. Bonaroo’s taking a stab at just that with a 300 inspired shirt. The Sparta Athletic Department plays off the current Spartan craze. Topical and good looking. Available with some cool shiny gold leaf perfect for fooling your enemies.

Antonella Barba Wet T-Shirt

Antonella Barba Wet Tee

Usually singers gain notoriety by singing. Of course wet t-shirt pictures don’t hurt either. American Idol contestant Antonella Barba has been plagued by wet tee photos, among others. I think everyone’s forgotten whether or not Antonella can sing at all. Considering the pictures were taken at a Veteran’s memorial fountain you’d think people would be more pissed off, but when you look as hot as Antonella wearing that wet shirt I guess you get a pass. Two more wet t picks after the jump

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