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Sanjaya T-Shirt – Good Bye-a Sanjaya

Sanjaya T-Shirt

Leave it to the quick witted folks over at Busted to jump on the Sanjaya bandwagon. Even if you don’t watch American Idol you’ve likely had to hear about Sanjaya Malakar with his pony hawk, flamboyant style and marginal singing. If you have heard Sanjaya sing you fall into one of two camps – you think Sanjaya sucks or you like Sanjaya because he’s so bad (and you’re a 12 year old girl). Whatever the case get yourself a Goodbye-a Sanjaya t-shirt while the craze lasts. The Sanjaya tees are available for preorder now and will ship April 6th.

New Merchandise at CafePress

Cafe Press Merchandise

For CafePress shop owners we thought we’d pass along news of new merchandise¬† now available. Plus-size scoop neck and v-neck for women, along with dark and light colors for kids and pastels for toddlers. If you haven’t been following CafePress over the last year or so, and only know them for white merchandise, those days are long gone. They can now print on a variety of colored materials and have done a nice job of expanding their merchandise line. For information on selling shirts through CafePress visit here.

Don’t Stare at Christina Model’s Chest

Christina Model Shows Off her Chest in a Shirt

When you have a chest like Christina Model’s it’s a little hard not to stare. But we’ll try. This funny tee (and large breasted model) comes courtesy of Aside from this funny tee, and a few more snapshots of Christina Model, they’ve got a lot of funny and offensive tees. One that I just caught and missed before is a spin on George Costanza’s Vandelay Industries – An Import/Export Company… Purveyor of fine latex products. I could go on, but I won’t. Hit em up.

Who’s Your Homeboy?

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I see a lot of shirts writing this blog. There’s a lot of funny stuff out there, but a lot of it looks the same. After a while you really feel like you’ve seen everything before. Needless to say it’s a rare thing when I hit a site and instantly laugh out loud. IsMyHomeGirl had me laughing. I defy you to look at Barack Obama in lipstick and earings and not laugh. The shirts are an interesting twist on the political tee. Bold, graphic, ridiculous and memorable.

One of the nice things is that they have tees of so many political figures. It’s not just the poll leaders. So if you’re looking to support (or poke fun at) Sam Brownback, Tom Vilsack or Duncan Hunter you’re in luck. And of course t-shirts of your typical targets like Barack and Hillary.¬† The companion site IsMyHomeBoy features the same set of portraits minus the lipstick. So whether you consider Barack your homeboy or homegirl you’re set. And as with all things political you can get stickers and buttons, in addition to shirts, ties and mugs.
Barack Obama T-Shirt

Hillary Clinton T-Shirt

The Ryde – Waves and More

Wave Shirt Gray on Black

Moto T-Shirt, Motorcycle Design

Hands down, one of my favorite shops is the The Ryde. I grew up in SoCal and spent more than my fair share of time hangin in HB. The hand-drawn surf-styled tees of The Ryde couldn’t capture it any better. Couple picks for this post are the Foam T-Shirt – love the Gray on Black. And a bit of a variation on the riding theme – the Moto Tee. It’s got a cool graphite hand drawn look to it, even though it’s photo. Check em out at