Monthly Archives: January 2007

The Ryde

The Ryde Pirate Ship Shirt

The Ryde Wave Shirt

I’ve think found my latest favorite shop. The Ryde, out of Laguna Beach, CA. As you can imagine anybody calling SoCal home is likely to be influenced by the beach scene. The Ryde has some surf themed stuff with a nice feel. Plus a number of very funny one liner style tees. And they do a great job with both. I’ve picked a couple of favorites here, The Pirate shirt and the Wheat Girls wave graphic. I’ve got one of the black pirate ship shirts myself and I love the subtly of¬† gray on black. Great print job and soft as can be.

T-Post Subscription T-Shirts

T-Post Subscription T-shirt shop

I’ve been meaning to get around to post on T-Post for a while. The concept is very cool. T-Post is a subscription based t-shirt shop. You sort of sign up like you’re going to get a magazine, and instead you get a t-shirt once a month (six weeks actually). The conept behind the shirt designs themselves is even more unique.

Each shirt design is based on a current news item. Information on the topic of each month’s shirt is then printed on the inside under the tag. The subscription runs $32 (USD) a month and includes shipping. T-Post is based in Sweden and prints on American Apparel tees. You can stop your subscription at anytime you like.

For real t-shirt fans who are really into t-shirt culture this is a very cool way to insure you get cutting edge, unique tees that the guy next door is definitely not going to have.