Monthly Archives: November 2006

Jordan in a Rhinestone Skull Tee

Jordan - Katie Price - skull t-shirt

Jordan (also know as Katie Price) is best known for, well, shall we say her large assets. We’d love to see her added to our gallery of wet t-shirts, but for now we’ll have to settle for this cool sleeveless  tee picture. If you know the brand, email us let us know ( tips at

Christmas T-Shirts

Seeing as how the holiday shopping season is upon us I thought I’d put together a few Christmas / Winter themed designer tees. The first couple come to us from Design You Can Wear (DYCW). Simple and bold winter graphics without being too cheesy. Women’s long sleeve snow flake shirt is $25.99. The men’s winter moose shirt is $19.99 The polar bear shirt is a favorite and comes from Threadless, which is selling it now for only $10. Great deal.

Moose Shirt

Holiday Shirt

Polar Bear Tee

Spreadshirt Coupon Code

If you’d like to try your hand at being a t-shirt designer than is your place. And you can now take $5 and order of $15 or more. Spreadshirt has a cool online t-shirt designer that lets you choose from tons of designs and fonts to create your own one of a kind t-shirt masterpiece. Or, open a t-shirt shop yourself and sell your designs. Check em out. Coupon Code: GETITCHEAPER (code valid until 12/16/2006)