Monthly Archives: October 2006

Death Gob Shirts

Twat shirt

Shave the Whale shirt

Clothing for the depraved, confused, sick and twisted. Death Gob is a UK based shop that has a great selection of offensive, but very funny shirts. The TWA Twat shirt is a great pick and typical of their humor. I like they’re place on the Save the Whale theme. I have no idea what in the¬† hell Shave the Whale would mean, but it’s just funny. They’ve also got buttons, or as they seemed to be called in the UK – badges.

Blowout Clothing – Urban, Vintage and Retro All in One

Blowout Clothing Legend T-Shirt

I love the illustrations on Blowout Clothings tees. Beautiful stuff. All of the design work seems to integrate the name, which really makes the brand part of the actual design and more than just the name on the shop. The philosophical connotations of the name are obvious and it works well as a force behind the design. Once again Spreadshirt serves as the backend, which means good shirts and reliable delivery. Check em out.

One Six Tees Podcast Advertising

T-shirt store owners takes note. If you’re looking for a good viral marketing opportunity check out this podcast video from One Six Tees., and other video sharing sites offer great opportunities to post low-budget commercials and generate some traffic and a bit of buzz for your site. And it’s free. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to pull of your video camera and shoot some footage of your friends wearing your tees. One Six Tees podcast (commercial) is actually a nicely produced piece. Take advantage of viral marketing opportunties like this to build buzz for your shirt shop.

Clamor Magazine Takes on American Apparel

Stumbled across an interesting article on about a small publication out of Toledo Ohio named Clamor that has American Apparel running for it’s attorney’s. The upcoming article apparently makes claims that go against many of American Apparels widely touted hi-brow business practices. I’ll leave our true T-Shirt afficiandos to read up themselves but it looks like a potentially interesting show down. If you’re intersted in learning a bit more about the t-shirts you’re very likey wearing check out our post about Dov Charney, American Apparel’s founder.