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Product Red T-Shirts from the Gap

Penelope Cruz

Product Red Gap Shirt

(Product) Red‚Ñ¢ is all the rage. If you’re unfamiliar with Product Red check out the official site. Basically the concept is a group of companies putting out Red branded products that help raise money to fight AIDs. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of (Product) Red merchandise will be used to distribute anti-retroviral medicine to people dying of AIDs in Africa. The GAP is on board and one of the mens shirts is shown above – as is Penelope Cruz sporting a Red shirt. Apple, Nike, American Express and other have put out limited run products – typically Red, but not always – to help raise money. Pretty cool idea and the products are good as well. The Red iPod Nano is particularly cool. So if you’re a politically minded t-shirt wearer than the Gap shirts are the thing for you.

Where to Buy Borat T-Shirts

For fans of Borat the countdown has begun. The Borat Movie hits theaters Nov. 3rd so we thought we put together a little compilation of our favorate Borat inspired tees. Busted Tees has got a nice Jagshemash slogan tee with a funky drawing of Borat’s moutache. Another favorite Borat inspired design is the Spring Break Kazakhstan (shown below). And for the politically inclined how about a Vote for Borat in 2008 tee. For a run down of more Borat apparel make sure you check out
Vote for Borat
Spring Break Kazakhstan

Three for One at Blue Fish T-Shirts – Plus a free MP3 Player

Blue Fish T-Shirt has some great promotions going on right now. Aside from the killer 3 for 1 deal, where you buy three shirts and they give you a random shirt for free – you can also score yourself an MP3 player. I know that sounds hard to believe – buy t-shirts and get an MP3 player, but alas it is true my topless friends. Buy 10 shirts at Blue Fish and you get a free Sansa M230 MP3 player. I know 10 shirts seems like a lot, but it’s a damn fine deal and time to get shopping for Christmas. So buy some funny gifts that you’re friends will love you for and score yourself a Christmas gift of your own. We’ve provided a few example shirts below, but you really need to check out the site – they got loads of funny tees.


Awesome Shirt

Spreadshirt Coupon Code is currently running a coupon for $5 off any shirt order of $25 or more. If you aren’t familiar with Spreadshirt it’s a pretty killer site. You can make your own t-shirts online with an easy to use Flash interface. You can choose a variety of shirt styles for men and women and then put your own slogan on them, or choose from hundreds of designs. It’s a cool deal and a good coupon. Hurry up though it’s only good until the 20th.