Monthly Archives: June 2006

Katharine Bell U.S. Flag Shirt

Katharine Bell Wearing a Flag Tank top

In honor of the upcoming 4th of July holiday we’re proud to post Katharine Bell looking smokin hot in an American flag wife beater. Perhaps having wife beater and American flag in the same sentence isn’t no patriotic, so let’s go with “Katharine Bell in a fancy white tank top”. Much better. Nice flags, ah, I mean, flag.

Halle Berry Working Out and Wet

Halle Berry Working out in a Wet Shirt

No too often you can an A-List actress in a wet shirt, but this is pretty close. Halle Berry looks like she’s been hitting the heavy bag and has soaked through her torn up wifebeater. Nice job Halle. Of course bearing all isn’t anything new for her. You can hit up MrSkin for a full run down of her bare assets.

Katie Cassidy Rock Heiress Swimsuit

Katie Cassidy wearing a rock heiress slogan shirtTMZ is reporting that daughter of 70s rock star David Cassidy, Katie Cassidy is slated to play Lucy Ewing in the upcoming Dallas movie. We’ve found a fine photo of Katie sporting what at first glance looked like a Rock Heiress t-shirt. But being the t-shirt professionals we are studied the photo closely and, oops, we we’re wrong. But we’re posting it anyway. It actually looks like Katie is wearing a swimsuit (as clearly demonstrated by the crotch shot.) But, we argue, the slogan would make a cool shirt.

How to Wet a T-Shirt

Purely as a public service I present a short video on how to wet a t-shirt. Just to make sure everyone has the proper technique in time for summer this fine t-shirt wearing women demonstrates the proper technique using a common water bottle. Take note and enjoy.