Monthly Archives: April 2006

Useless T-Shirts Atari Logo

Vintage Atari Logo Shirt

We’re happy to bring you a complete line up of seriously cool shirts from Useless Here’s just a sample of the vintage coolness – the Atari logo shirt will bring back the memories for any old school gamer. T-Shirt Watch has assembled almost the complete line of of Useless T-Shirts action. A couple other of note are the Curious George Shirt, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Star Wars T-Shirts, Superman, and even an old school Reading Rainbow shirt. Click here to view all the shirts.

Everyone Wants to Sleep with Paris Hilton

He wants to sleep with me t-shirt on Paris Hilton

This is truly a classic celebrity t-shirt catch. Paris Hilton is one of our most posted celebs and this shirt couldn’t be more prefect. The He Wants to Sleep With Me t-shirt is fitting personal commentary for Paris. The only thing better might be if the shirt said “I just slept with him”. Another good poke-fun-at-yourself celebrity shirt catch would be this pair of Jessica Simpson t-shirts.

Jeremy Piven Carries Women in a T-Shirt

Jeremy Piven and Vanessa Marcil

This might be our most far fetched post. But it’s still on topic. Jeremy Piven carrying what looks like a happy passed out Vanessa Marcil. I believe the photo of Piven and his tee was snapped outside the LA bar Shaque. But I might be full of crap too. Anyway. It’s a cool shirt with a big ass eagle on it.¬† It might be worth noting too that the shirt that Vanessa Marcil is wearing doesn’t even begin to cover her. For that matter nor do her pants.

Michelle Rodriguez in a Scarface T-shirt

Michelle Rodriguez in My Little Friend - Scarface T-Shirt Al Pacino

News today that Lost start Michelle Rodriguez has opted for door number two – a five day jail sentence after pleading guilty to a drunk driving charge. Rodriguez is pictured here wearing an Al Pacino Scarface T-Shirt – Say Hello‚Ķ Pretty fitting all in all. She’s going to be saying hello to a few new little friends in the clink, but from what I understand she might well like it that way.