Monthly Archives: February 2006

Funny Shirts from Dicktees

Another great online shirt shop to spotlight today. has got a lot of very funny shirts. Some just plain offensive (but still funny) shirts and some cool stuff with a retro vintage taste. Aside from the popular tees we’ve spotlighted here, you should also check out the slogan shirt – This the shirt I wear when I beat my wife – that one’s sure to get some laughs as well as piss off about 99% of the population – but isn’t that what a good t-shirt is supposed to do?! And if you’re looking for a good graphic designers parody shirt, that only a designer might love, get an I shot the Serif tee. Happy shopping.

Jerkass Clothing – As Funny as the Name

What would Ponch do T-Shirt
Tourette Syndrome T-Shirt

Hands down one of the best names I’ve ever heard – for anything really. Check out these two picks from Jerkass Clothing Co. The What would Ponch do? t-shirts and I have Tourette syndrome, fucker are both examples of damn fine Jerkass shirts. They’ve got a great looking site and a lot of funny stuff. And for all you shopkeepers out there take note – this is one the slickest skin jobs and full site integration you’re likely to find using Spreadshirt. A great example of a seamless transition between Spreadshirts engine and their own hosted site. Hats off to the designers and implementors. Now get yourself something funny, you Jerkass.

Eva Longoria – I’ll Have Your Baby Brad T-Shirt

I'll have your baby brad t-shirt - Eva Longoria
This celebrity t-shirt has been around for a while, and I’m not even sure how recent this photo of Eva Longoria is, but it deserves a bit of attention considering someone is actually have Brad Pitt’s baby. The I’ll have your baby Brad t-shirt originally came about when gossip surround Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s marriage stated that Aniston didn’t want kids. So more than a few women stepped up and kindly offered to have Brad Pitt’s baby. Seeing as how Angelina Jolie is now taking care of that you are all out of luck. Check out for a bunch of different I’ll have your baby brad t-shirt designs.

Funny T-Shirts of the Day – Snorg Tees

Our shop spotlight for today is the always cool Snorg Tees. Snorg has got some funny stuff, with a good college / retro flair and also just a cool name. What the hell does Snorg mean anyway? Check out a few of their tees below and make sure you click on any of these funny shirts to hit their shop to check out the rest.