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New Busted Tees Shirts

Three new t-shirts from Busted Tees. A College Ruled slogan tees for the study minded, or not. Tom is NOT my friend slogan shirt that will likely leave people either thinking you don’t like Tom Cruise, or just baffled. And Spain – Where no means no, proving that no trancends the language barrier and is funny at the same time.

T-Shirt Links from our Suggestion Box

Many thanks to our T-Shirt Watch readers who have send in shirt suggestions. We try as we can to do a review or write up on the shops that send us shirt links, but we can’t always keep up. So in an effort not to leave anyone in the cold we pass on a few more links today. Have fun browsing and keep the shirt suggestions coming. Thanks.

  • IRK’s Emporium
  • Fright-Rags
  • Bonaroo T-Shirts
  • Whatsinstyle?
  • Vansity Shirts
  • Again, to submit a shirt you’d like to see on the site, or any form of general suggestion you think we should hear you should click right about here.

    Spreadshirt Product Updates

    Importnat information for all of you Spreahshirt users and shop owners out there. There are big changes coming to their product line up worth nothing. The following products are going to be discontinued:

  • Men’s Crewneck Sweat
  • Urban Fleece Jacket
  • Otto Pro Cap
  • Trucker Hat
  • Hand Bags
  • License Plates
  • One-Shoulder Tank
  • Women’s Anvil T’s
  • Men’s V-neck
  • Polo Shirts
  • Kids and Toddler Shirts
  • Yoga Pants
  • Cheer Shorts
  • Fortunately Spreadshirt will be adding the following products:

  • Men’s and Women’s Zipper Hoodies
  • Track Jackets
  • New Ladies Ringers
  • Men’s Boxer Shorts
  • Make sure you update product menus or your custom products as necessary. For those of you who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, check Spreadshirt out and learn how to design your own shirts and hoodies.

    Gwen Stefani LAMB Shirts

    Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. Clothing Line - Designer T-Shirts
    Another designer shirt post for our high end t-shirt fashion followers. Today we cover Gwen Stefani’s clothing line L.A.M.B.. She got some nice graphic tees, all of which currently seem to be on sale. Otherwise I’d say $65 might be a bit steep considering Gwen’s fan base. Seeing as how Gwen Stefani is pregnant maybe she’ll be inspired to create a maternity line of designer tees. Cool shirts for pregnant women are super hard to find and the whole concept of maternity wear seems to be glanced over by a lot of designers. OK. I’m off track here, but whatever. Check out Gwen’s LAMB clothes.

    Daddy’s Money – Jamie Kreitman Fashions

    Daddys Money Designer T-ShirtsStumbled across a small online shop called
    Daddy’s Money. It’s an ‘online boutique’ that features designs by Jamie Kreitman, and has got some pretty unique handmade designer shirts and tanks for women. With as much as the shirts are going for they might want to invest in a redesign for the site, as it’s not the greatest looking, but the clothing is cool. The shops press pages has some photos of Paris Hilton, among others, wearing their stuff. Also available are ballet flats, flip flop and sweaters.

    Design Your Own T-Shirt – Fast, Easy and Cool

    Spreadshirt Designer
    Interested in designing your own t-shirt? Do you like all the funny shirts out there and think you’ve got even a better idea. Well here ya go folks. provides a super cool way to design and buy your own t-shirts. Super fast. Super easy. Check em out. They’ve got a nice shirt design tool where you can enter your text, choose your font and even select from like 100 different timely graphics. They feature the best shirts like American Apparel and ship within 48 hours. Yeah, I know I sound like an advertisement, but their stuff is cool and provides the everyday man a way to create cool custom shirts. You can even open your own shirt shop and sell your own designs – and it’s free – yeah, really, a free shop. Check it out.

    Michelle Trachtenberg Skull and Cross Bones Hoodie

    Michelle Trachtenber in a skill and cross bones hoodieI’ll admit I had to look up who Michelle Trachtenberg is. But she’s wearing a hoodie and is a celebrity and therefore qualifies for inclusion in our admittedly superficial celebrity fashion watch. Michelle, shown here in a skull and cross bones hoodie appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer during the last few seasons. I’m sure you fans already know this. Anyway, as usually if anyone knows the brand of shirt Michelle Trachtenberg is sporty feel free to comment.