Britney Spears AK-47 T-Shirt

Britney Spears in red t-shirtI don’t have much of an explanation for this one. Other than it’s Britney Spears with the word AK47 across her boobs. It’s actually not a t-shirt, but a red thermal, but how cares. It’s a celebrity in a shirt and it fits our bill, and is a sight no matter how you slice it. The artwork appears to be a turtle holding an AK-47 in the same spot as he would his penis, if a turtle could actually do so. The slogan reads “with a loaded gun and sweet dreams for you”. Nice sentiment. Perhaps this is part of K-Fed’s WT collection, it would explain he AK47, as for the turtle I have no idea. If you know it, post it. Thanks.

Britney Spears boobs in an AK47 t-shirt

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